About Susi Nightingale

Susi Nightingale is a danish artist who lives and works in devon.

Although influenced by her adopted home her creativity remains firmly rooted in the scandinavian tradition.
However - new materials and techniques invariably spark off fresh directions in her output and the range and diversity of styles within her work remains her trademark.

Inspired by the colourful and vibrant energy of the emerging 1990's dance culture, Susi began utilizing huge canvases and light sensitive paints to express this dynamism. Her large scale works from that time were extensively shown in venues large enough to accomodate them.

These days her artwork reflects the work she has done with young children exploring the themes of women and children and the fantasy world that links them.
Observing the female form through life studies, and children through portraits, she has been fascinated with the connections between children's fantasy and the fairytale images they are exposed to.

Our fantasy images continue to exert their influence on us as adults and reassert themselves in our relationship with our children and many of the pictures seem to resonate just as strongly with kids as they do with grown ups.

her work is now mainly oil paintings on canvas but some watercolour and ink sketches and ceramic painting

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Work displayed on site can be bought and shipped within 1 week -

Commissions can be undertaken on themes, colours, subject by text or photo

Can be completed within 3-4 weeks depends on extent.

Normal delivery cost £15 inc vat.

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